Citrine Gemstone Jewelry Styling Just Got Interesting with DWS Jewellery!

The vivid yellow citrine stone adds a classy touch to your outfit and lets your style statement speak for itself by sporting spectacular citrine regalia. A dash of luxury and unsubdued elegance are what modern women look for in their trinkets, and the gemstone perfectly ticks those boxes.

A bonus is the spiritual and healing properties of the stone. If you’re a November born, citrine affords many benefits as your birthstone. The gem aids in manifesting success and prosperity and brings about financial abundance and joy.

Citrine Gemstone Jewelry Styling Just Got Interesting with DWS Jewellery

How do I select the right citrine gemstone?

Like all gemstones, the four factors that you should focus on while shopping for a citrine stone are-

  1. Color:
    Choosing the ideal color depends on your tastes and preferences. If you are up for a bold and dramatic look, a deep brownish orange hue is the way to go. However, one can go for a pale yellow stone for a more delicate look.
  2. Clarity:
    Citrine stones usually have excellent clarity. Inspect the stone from all angles under light for any visible inclusions or blemishes. Clear stones are considered more valuable. Your citrine jewelry store should disclose the clarity grade of the gemstones.
  3. Cut:
    Citrine gemstone is easy to cut or carve onto; they can be faceted into multiple types of cuts such as emerald, princess, pear, marquise, etc. They can also be carved into various shapes, making them very nifty crystals. Choosing a jewelry store known for its skilled craftsmanship is essential to purchasing the yellow crystal regalia in exquisite cuts.
  4. Carat:
    The value of this jewel doesn’t exponentially increase with its carat size. However, you must choose a stone with appropriate dimensions to fit your jewelry setting.

How to style a citrine gemstone?

The versatility of the jewel makes it an ideal choice to adorn it with any type of outfit or style; whether a minimalist piece or more dramatic jewelry, it can be fashioned into all.

Citrine Necklaces and Pendants

A large citrine studded pendant or small polished stones accented by diamonds could add that pop of sophistication to your jewelry collection. A dramatic center stone is a popular choice since the gem is widely available in larger sizes.

Citrine Bracelets or Cuffs

A bohemian-style citrine cuff or a dainty rope bracelet studded with smaller citrine stones is a rather elegant way to style the gemstone. Select a jewelry store that offers alluring regalia selections to choose from.

Citrine Earrings

The warm earthy tone of the bright yellow stud makes it easy to blend with any sort of occasion, be it formal or casual. Need an oomph factor for that party? Go for a chandelier or a statement earring.

Citrine Rings

Citrine rings are a non-traditional but trendy choice as an engagement ring. In addition, one can adorn them as cocktail rings for parties and vacations.

Which metal goes better with Citrine?

While the choice of metal largely depends on your tastes and the kind of look you go for, white or silver-hued metals complement the gemstone better.

Which stone setting is ideal for a citrine gemstone?

The right stone setting should be decided based on your lifestyle and the kind of wear and tear you expect your yellow gemstone regalia might go through.

  • •For occasional wear, a classic solitaire setting or an elegant marquise cut setting would be ideal.
  • •One can wear a more protective setting, such as the bezel setting for regular use.

Consult the expert at your citrine jewelry store to decide on the right stone setting for your ornaments.

Styling citrine jewelry with outfits

Jewelry enthusiasts can easily style citrine jewelry for formal, casual, work, or social events, you name the occasion. While a proper match would be any yellow-colored outfit in your wardrobe like subtle yellow ochre, one can also wear Citrine in contrast with a deep-colored outfit such as a navy blue evening gown or deep reds, black, brown, and so on. The striking golden hue of the citrine stone will be more appealing against darker colors.

Final thoughts!

DWS Jewellery Pvt Ltd is a leading citrine gemstone jewelry store in India. The company, located in Sitapura Industrial Area, Jaipur, Rajasthan, features a wide range of authentic citrine jewelry in unique and elegant designs.

The jewelry store is known for its fine craftsmanship and quality. The company offers extensive silver and brass ornament pieces. These can also be custom-made as per requirement. The experts at DWS also offer extensive styling and jewelry care tips. Visit their store or log onto their website to shop their silver gemstone regalia collection of fashion jewelry today.


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